Warm Home Discount

Warm Home Discount

Some households can get a £140 discount on their electricity bill through the Warm Home Discount scheme.

What is the Warm Home Discount?

The Warm Home Discount is a reduction on electricity bills awarded to certain pensioners receiving the guaranteed credit element of Pension Credit, usually given between October and March. It doesn't affect a household's Cold Weather Payment or its Winter Fuel Payment.

Are you eligible for the Warm Home Discount?

Some energy suppliers provide the Warm Home Discount to a wider group of people but some don't offer it at all. However, the 'Big Six' suppliers have committed to be part of the scheme.

Also, some energy suppliers offer other discounts to low-income and vulnerable people of working age. As each supplier has its own rules on who can get this help, you will need to contact your energy supplier directly.

You can still get the discount if you use a prepayment or pay-as-you-go electricity meter - your electricity supplier will be able to advise how they arrange the discount on this sort of meter for eligible customers.

If you think you might qualify for the Warm Homes Discount, please check with your energy supplier to find out how to apply for it.

If you're in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire or Oxfordshire, our Affordable Warmth Helpline (0800 107 0044) might also be able to help.