SMART Connected Buildings - Innovate UK funded feasibility study project

11th October 2017

Together with our project partners BIM Academy (BIMA) and Northumbria University (UNN), NEF is collaborating in an Innovate UK funded feasibility study project that will use sensor data to establish feedback loops to help improve building performance and wellbeing.

Leading computer scientists at BIM Academy and Northumbria University, in partnership with the National Energy Foundation (home of the Assured Performance Process) and Your Homes Newcastle are collaborating on an Innovate UK funded project testing the feasibility of bringing data together into a central model that not only gives context, but allows for the generation of meaningful advice.  This feasibility study will focus on the housing association sector.  This sector was chosen due fuel poverty vulnerability, a need to be smarter with budgets driven by cuts, and improving upon their experiences, wellbeing and tenant satisfaction. 
The project aim is to provide building owners and occupiers with actionable advice to optimise the performance of their building, maximising energy efficiency and occupant wellbeing.
In doing so the project will ultimately drive industry change and benefit all building stakeholders by:
  • informing owners and occupiers of their building performance
  • advising building managers and residents on how to optimise performance while a building is in use
  • enabling stakeholders to action lessons learnt throughout the procurement, design, build and handover process