Ousedale Energy Envoys help Milton Keynes Mayor save energy

21st April 2016

Local students from Ousedale School recently helped the Mayor of Milton Keynes make his home more energy-efficient and reduce his fuel bills as part of the National Energy Foundation’s Energy Envoys scheme.

Before the visit, a team of students from Ousedale School received energy awareness training from the National Energy Foundation at its low-carbon office in Knowlhill, including a tour of the building to see energy efficiency measures and renewable energy systems in practice. The students learnt all about how to carry out energy assessments and what to look out for when visiting Councillor Keith McLean at his home in Emberton to carry out their very own energy audit.


The Energy Envoys’ visit included an interview with the Mayor and an energy audit of his house. The students inspected Councillor McLean’s lighting, heating system and electrical appliances, and looked at how the family uses energy in their home.

After giving the house a thorough examination, the Energy Envoys presented their energy saving tips to Councillor McLean, advising him on how he could improve his energy use and save money on his fuel bills. In particular, he was advised to replace the energy-guzzling halogen downlighters in his kitchen/diner with LED light bulbs, which use up to 85% less energy than filament bulbs.


National Energy Foundation Energy Specialist, Sandra Hayes, also presented Councillor McLean with an official Energy Performance Certificate, which indicates how energy-efficient his house is.




After the visit, Councillor McLean commented:

“Young people are crucial to our energy future – not just in the buildings around them today but as future energy buyers, users and decision-makers. It’s vital that young people learn to understand energy and how we use it.

“The Energy Envoys scheme is a fantastic idea. I’m delighted to support Energy Envoys in Milton Keynes and to demonstrate how we can all take simple steps to reduce how much energy we use, and save money on our energy bills. Thanks to Energy Envoys, I’m looking forward to changing to LED bulbs and making my home more energy-efficient.”


Energy Envoy, Rosia Li, was delighted to take part in the visit and found it fun to be able to recommend to Milton Keynes’ ‘first citizen’ how he can help save the planet by using energy more wisely:

“I will use what I learnt to save energy at home and to tell my friends and family about energy saving. Volunteering with Energy Envoys has been an insightful and memorable experience which has changed the way I look at the world around us and what I can do to protect our planet for generations to come.”


The visit to the Mayor’s house is an example of the kind of exciting project young people can get involved in as Energy Envoys. The Energy Envoys scheme, created by the National Energy Foundation and supported and endorsed by the UK’s leading professional engineering institutions,  is a new environmental volunteering scheme for young people to help their local communities use energy more wisely, save money and reduce carbon emissions. Young people across the UK who are working towards their Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award can volunteer as an Energy Envoy to complete the Volunteering section of their Award.

If you know someone aged between 14 and 24 who’s ready to go for the Bronze, Silver or Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Award, they can sign up to become an Energy Envoy and get all the support and information they need at the Energy Envoys website.