NEF reviews heat pump standards for International Energy Agency

25th July 2013

The National Energy Foundation has published a literature review, commissioned by DECC, for IEA Annex 36 on the quality of installation and maintenance of heat pumps.

This literature review forms part of DECC's contribution to the IEA Heat Pump Implementing Agreement Annex on Quality of Installation; Maintenance of Heat Pumps. It is widely recognized that residential and commercial heat pump equipment suffers significant performance loss (i.e., capacity and efficiency) depending on how the components are sized, matched, installed, and subsequently maintained. The Annex aims to evaluate how installation/maintenance deficiencies cause heat pumps to perform inefficiently and how procedures can be improved. The participating countries are: the USA, France, Sweden and the UK.

The annex can be found on the Oak Ridge National Laboratory website.
The Annex will finish in spring 2014.
This report covers:

  • MIS guidance and heat pump installation training programmes prior to MIS 3005 Issue 3.1
  • A review of domestic heat pump field trials and documented problems in the UK
  • Laboratory test requirements of MCS and SAP Appendix Q
  • MCS020 permitted development rights for air source heat pumps
  • Arrangements for insurance & consumer protection
  • MCS and EST advice for end users
  • Heat pump control requirements
  • Microgeneration Strategy Consultation: key recommendations

Each section of the literature review provides a critical discussion of the issue in question, delivering both insight and awareness of opposing cases, theories, approaches and experiences across government, businesses, industry and non-governmental organisations.