NEF Deputy Chief Executive asked to co-lead Group Energy Management standard

29th June 2018

Ian Byrne, the Foundation's Deputy Chief Executive has agreed to co-lead a new International Standard providing Guidance for Multiple Organizations implementing a common Energy Management system.

Following on from the success of ISO 50047:2016 "Energy savings -- Determination of energy savings in organizations", which was coordinated by Ian Byrne, the Foundation's Deputy Chief Executive, he has now been asked to co-lead a new International Standard providing Guidance for Multiple Organizations implementing a common Energy Management system.  Provisionally given the number ISO 50009, and likely to be published in late 2020, the new standard will assist companies where it is more efficient for them to work together on a single energy management system, such as ISO 50001.  Typically there will be a larger or more experienced organisation acting as the lead.  Other participants may:

  • be in a geographical region, such as a local authority district on on a single business park;
  • be in the same sector, either industrial or commercial (such as restaurants);
  • share the same customer (supply chain);
  • be served by a common energy services provider; or
  • share the same energy objective, such as a nationally mandated target for improvements in energy efficiency.

Ian's roles will include helping to build a consensus among the several countries that have expressed interest in the concept, working closely with the co-leadership from Japan.  Ian's appointment was confirmed at the annual plenary meeting of ISO TC-301 (Energy Management and Energy Savings) held in June 2018 in Ixtapa, Mexico.

Notes for editors


NEF actively supports international standardisation as a cost-effective way of improving energy efficiency in buildings and industry.  Ian Byrne has been involved in international standardisation initiatives for almost a decade, and received the ISO Excellence Award in 2017 for his work in the field and the 2017 BSI International Standards Maker Award.