National Energy Foundation welcomes new Chair and announces new President and Patron appointments

20th April 2017

The National Energy Foundation announces a number of changes to its governance struture, including the appointment of Andrew Pakes as its new Chair. Andrew takes over from John Walker who announced that he was to step down earlier this year. John was one of the founders of the Foundation and becomes its President while Dame Mary Archer, who has been involved with the Foundation since it was established in 1988, moves from President to Patron.

Andrew is joining the National Energy Foundation from a career in public policy, government and campaigning organisations. He is Head of Communications, Organising and External Affairs at the science and engineering trade union, Prospect.

Andrew has a long-standing interest in sustainability and energy issues and, until recently, led a consultancy team specialising in energy, environment and infrastructure issues. He has also worked as a political advisor on climate and environmental issues in Westminster. Andrew sits on the board of CDS Co-operatives, one of the UK’s largest mutual housing groups, and has advised a number of housing associations on policy, energy and communications issues.

Andrew was born and grew up in Milton Keynes. He studied Environmental Management at the University of Hull, and started his career as President of the National Union of Students. Andrew is a former councillor in south London and a previous Trustee of the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust.

On taking up his new role, Andrew commented:

“Energy efficiency is hugely important if the UK is to reduce energy use and meet its carbon targets. The National Energy Foundation has always been at the forefront of championing new innovation and practical solutions to improve energy use in buildings.

“I am delighted to be taking over from John Walker as the new Chair of the Foundation’s Board and to be working with such a dedicated team. This is a challenging time for energy policy. My priority is to help NEF live up to its mission of inspiring and developing new markets and projects to deliver on lower energy use.”

John Walker was one of the founders of the National Energy Foundation when it was established in 1988, and served as a founding Trustee. He was also a Trustee in the 1990s, and returned for a third time as Chair in 2011.

Retiring from his role as Chair, John said:

"I'm delighted that Andrew is taking over as Chair of the National Energy Foundation. He has the skills, experience and enthusiasm that are needed to help the Foundation exploit the opportunities that lie ahead. I've enjoyed my term enormously and am looking forward to continuing to assist whenever possible."

Dame Mary Archer commented:

“I am proud to have been associated with the National Energy Foundation since its formation in 1988, and I welcome our new chairman, Andrew Pakes. I look forward to working with both him and John Walker in his new role as President.”