National Energy Foundation and SuperHomes charity, Sustainable Energy Agency, announce merger

3rd March 2014

The National Energy Foundation (NEF) and the Sustainable Energy Agency (SEA) announce their merger, with immediate effect, under the umbrella of NEF.

NEF and SEA merger follows years of successful collaboration

NEF and SEA have a track record of working successfully together since 2007 when NEF began providing secretariat services to SEA. Having complementary aims, NEF provided full management services, including Gabby Mallett, one of the Foundation’s staff, taking on the role of Project Director for SEA's multi-award-winning SuperHomes project, and the project management of both the WHISCERS and European Eracobuild (internal wall insulation) projects. This collaboration has enabled SEA to build up the network of SuperHomes (older homes that have been refurbished to high standards of energy efficiency) and promote the concept and importance of converting the existing housing stock into low energy homes.

Both NEF and SEA share a reputation for excellence in improving the use of energy in buildings and the integration of both not-for-profit organisations is already well under way. The newly merged organisation will be able to share expertise and use its staff and resources more flexibly.  As a result of the merger, NEF will take over full operational responsibility for all SEA projects and SEA staff will be transferred to NEF without any disruption.

Chief Executive of the National Energy Foundation, Dr Kerry Mashford, commented:

“We’re delighted that NEF and SEA are merging. The two organisations have worked closely together for many years on various projects. We would like to grow the NEF Home Energy Advice service and SuperHomes can provide inspiration and practical insights. They show people what highly energy-efficient homes look and feel like, and how they can improve the energy efficiency, comfort and money-saving potential of their own homes.

“Our combined resources will enable us to develop the network of SuperHomes more rapidly, fulfil our charitable purpose of improving the use of energy in buildings and increase our influence on domestic energy use and related national policy.”