Industry leaders explore supply chain opportunities provided by Energiesprong housing refurbishment

24th February 2016

Delegates at a workshop in Coventry yesterday (Tuesday 23 February) met to look at the nature and scale of the supply chain opportunities offered by Energiesprong, a transformative approach to whole-house refurbishment developed in the Netherlands at an industrial scale.

Energiesprong is a revolutionary approach to housing refurbishment with a net-zero energy performance guarantee that makes it both commercially financeable and scalable. Energiesprong transforms homes, both inside and out, providing dwellings that inspire - all within a week to ten days. Pioneered in the Netherlands, the programme has already delivered over 500 net-zero energy refurbishments as part of a 111,000 volume deal between housing associations and industry.

The Energiesprong model is a radical transformation; both practically and conceptually. It works because it delivers results whilst also being an attractive offer for contractors, housing providers and residents. Unlike existing refurbishment models, Energiesprong uses an energy performance contract to guarantee the performance of the improvements over a long-term; a minimum of 30-years. This provides the property owner with financial security, giving assurance that  the property will perform at the expected level. For the solution provider, there’s a confirmed order pipeline with a minimum volume that justifies investment in innovation and solution development.

The workshop was organised by Refurbishment as a Manufacturing Industry (REMI). REMI is an Innovate UK-supported project, which is investigating the feasibility of a similar Energiesprong approach in the UK, and is taking steps to kick-start the changes that are needed in the market. The intention is to create the market conditions that will encourage and enable a new, high-volume, industrialised refurbishment sector.





The aims of the workshop were to:

  • Introduce the nature and scale of the opportunity provided by Energiesprong.
  • Provide a forum for companies to come together to think about innovative products, systems and services for the UK market.
  • Enable housing providers who are keen to adopt Energiesprong solutions to explain what they’re looking for from the new sector.
  • Provide help from business support and funding agencies to explain how they can support collaborative and company-specific innovation.

The workshop was attended by delegates operating in building services, the building refurbishment process, delivery (logistics, surveying, transport, installation and finishing), and building operation (energy monitoring and feedback, ongoing maintenance and support) as well as customer representatives.





Commenting on the workshop, Kerry Mashford, Chief Executive of project partner, the National Energy Foundation, said:

"Energiesprong will stimulate a completely new market in the UK, one based on net-zero energy refurbishment. It will challenge the ‘business as usual’ approach and will create new business opportunities transforming supply chain processes and relationships. We’re not talking about a single new product or a system, but a whole new industry – refurbishment as you’ve never envisaged it.

"Today’s workshop was a very encouraging start. A number of industry leaders from across the supply chain began to explore how they could work together in entirely different ways and develop new solutions to make net-zero energy refurbishments a reality in the UK, at an industrial scale.

“Anyone interested in following the REMI project as it charts the barriers, solutions and overall feasibility of Energiesprong and industrialised refurbishment in the UK, or who would like to connect with other potential suppliers to the Energiesporing market, should either visit the REMI page on the National Energy Foundation website or join the REMI group on Linkedin."

Notes for editors


Refurbishment as a Manufacturing Industry (REMI)

REMI is a feasibility project supported by Innovate UK. On behalf of Energiesprong UK REMI is exploring whether the Dutch Energiesprong approach can be applicable in a UK context, and how to kick-start the changes that are needed in the market.

Energiesprong UK

Following a study tour to see Energiesprong in practice in the Netherlands, a small, forward-thinking group of social housing providers, construction companies and building performance professionals were so impressed that they set up Energiesprong UK (ESUK) to explore if and how the Energiesprong approach could be applicable in a UK context.

ESUK provides the necessary leadership, industry experience and organisational skills from across the construction and housing sectors. It’s a not-for-profit company, the aim of which is to stimulate a ‘game-changing’ housing refurbishment sector in the UK - inspired by the Dutch approach - and make net-zero-energy housing a reality in the UK, at an industrial scale.

Energiesprong UK is a collaborative project led by the National Energy Foundation