Young people in Glasgow enthusiastic to sign up as Energy Envoys

Author: 07/02/2017

We received funding from Glasgow Airport’s Flightpath Fund to engage young people in Glasgow with our Energy Envoys volunteering opportunity, and to recruit local volunteers.

Our Energy Envoys volunteering opportunity enables young people to set up energy projects to help their communities save money, energy and carbon as part of their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award (DofE). The scheme has got off to a great start, with over 100 volunteers now signed up across the UK.

Scotland has seen the second largest take-up of all the DofE regions. To build on this success and foster greater connections with schools in the region, we received funding from Glasgow Airport’s Flightpath Fund to build relationships with local schools and centres, and to visit eight schools in the area to recruit volunteers.

During the visits, students were introduced to the contribution that buildings make to climate change and the challenge that energy security presents to society, before finding out how they can make a difference in their communities as Energy Envoys.


Students were particularly interested to find out about how the scheme can help to boost their CVs, and the recognition the scheme receives from the UK’s leading professional engineering institutions.

The visits also provided the chance to explain how the scheme works in detail and to answer any questions from participants about what they can expect during their volunteering.

All the schools involved see Energy Envoys as a valuable opportunity for their students to develop vital life skills and to make a difference in their local community, as well as to complete the Volunteering section of their DofE Award.

Following a visit to introduce the scheme, all of the schools expect some of their participants to sign up as Energy Envoys and at least two of the eight have taken the decision to make Energy Envoys the default volunteering opportunity for their DofE participants. Energy Envoys will therefore make a long-term contribution to the delivery of their DofE programme, providing a fun, flexible and accessible option for students.

If you're interested in a visit to your school to introduce the Energy Envoys scheme, please contact us by email.

To find out more, please visit the Energy Envoys website.