Building energy management for non-domestic retrofit - the ASSEMBLE project

Author: 30/01/2015

Building on our extensive involvement in the Innovate UK Building Performance Evaluation programme, our Technical team is currently playing an important role in the ASSEMBLE project, a two-year collaborative research and development venture funded by industry and an Innovate UK ‘Future Energy Management’ grant.

The aim of ASSEMBLE is to develop a low-cost, easy-to-install energy management system for small to medium sized non-domestic premises. The system utilises the latest innovation in power line carrier technology to produce a low-disruption ‘plug and play’ installation. Additional features being developed include a simple and intuitive user interface and a modular adaptive architecture that allows system functions and control features to be easily added, upgraded or taken away.

Our involvement in the Innovate UK Building Performance Evaluation programme involved conducting numerous building performance evaluation projects, from which we gained significant insight into the successes and failures associated with different approaches to building energy monitoring and management. We’re now putting this experience and knowledge to good use in the ASSEMBLE project, which is being conducted in partnership with a number of other organisations: TerOpta, Costain, Monodraught, and the University of Nottingham.

An update on the ASSEMBLE project will be presented by Mike Sharratt, Project Manager, at EcoBuild 2015 in early March.