Affordable Warmth Network rescues octogenarian mobile home resident

Author: Matt Neal 13/11/2015

In 2014, Ron and Celia contacted our Affordable Warmth team concerning Celia’s mother and father-in law (Richard and Audrey) after their 35-year-old LPG boiler had broken down and was no longer functioning. Ron and Celia were very worried as Richard was terminally ill with both idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis and a number of other conditions. To make matters worse, both Richard and Audrey suffered with osteoarthritis so found life particularly difficult when the weather was cold.

Richard was very worried about what was going to happen to Audrey in the winter with no heating, and his concern was affecting his breathing, making his overall condition much worse.

Both Ron and Celia couldn't bear to see him worrying so much. He had been given a year to live at most and they feared his worsened condition would cut short his life even further. They decided they had to do something so Celia spent two weeks phoning her local council and every charity she could think of, but all to no avail. Two things were against Richard and Audrey: they lived in a mobile home and it was LPG fuelled.

Then Celia came across our Affordable Warmth Network and rang our team. After some hard work following leads to possible help, we managed to secure money for a complete new heating system throughout Richard and Audrey’s mobile home, from charities that were connected with Richard’s working life.

Richard wanted to reach his 87th birthday, which was last April. Thanks to our Affordable Warmth team and everyone else involved, he has already gone one better and has celebrated his 88th birthday this year. When we last communicated with Celia, she said:

“I cannot put into words what you have done for Richard and Audrey, giving them the quality of life that they so deserved. Thanks again, although thank you can never be enough”.

It’s stories like these that motivate us here, but we know that so many other residents are cold and will be struggling this winter. We’d love to help them, so please, if this is you, or you know of neighbours, friends, relatives who would benefit from our service, please contact us:

0800 107 0044 (FREE CALL and lines are open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday).

Alternatively, you can email us your query or request a call-back:

This is a completely free service, working with your local council and health service across Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

We can help with:

  • Grants and financial assistance for energy efficiency improvements.
  • Advice on keeping warm and well.
  • Reducing energy bills.
  • Fuel debt.
  • Switching energy supplier.
  • Referring to other active support organisations.

​Our photo shows Richard celebrating his 88th birthday with his wife Audrey after his life was made more comfortable with the installation of a new heating system in his mobile home.